Ultra Gum

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IMPOSSIBLY SEALED inside a package of gum!

A corner is torn from a borrowed bill and then vanishes!
You are clean, No pulls, No TT's, No ditching...it's just gone!

The spectator opens a package of gum that has been sitting on the table and miraculously, inside one of the see through plastic bubbles of the unopened package of gum, is the corner of a bill!

There are no breaks or tears in the plastic or the foil. This is a modern day impossibility!

The only way to get at the bill is to break open the foil seal, which the spectator does himself to discover the missing corner from the bill he loaned to you just seconds ago!

NOTE: Gimmicks are reusable, nothing to replace!


How to transform an ordinary package of gum into a secret weapon. How to perform 6 extraordinary routines with borrowed bills and ordinary playing cards. As with all Sanders FX products, every nuance of the method, technique and presentations are laid out clearly and concisely on this project.
Learning couldn't be easier.


Cash Flow:
A corner torn for a spectator's bill appears, seconds later, sealed in a pack of gum in the spectator's own hands.

A selected card vanishes from the deck and appears inside a pack of gum. The effect is repeated but this time with a torn corner from the selected card. The corner vanishes completely...and it's place is a piece of gum. The spectator opens the gum package to find the corner from their selected card trapped inside one of the see through bubbles of the unopened, sealed pack of gum. An impossible ending to a killer effect!

Organic Transpo Plus:
The spectator takes the gum in their own hand.
A killer in your face transpo handling!
Tear a corner from a borrowed bill and put it into your mouth. Slowly begin to chew the corner in your mouth where upon it suddenly transforms into a piece of gum. The spectator open the gum pack to find the corner from their bill impossibly sealed inside the gum pack.

Full On:
A practical full bill handling for the effect!
Spidey's Time Travel Routine: Think Neo from "The Matrix" performing a mind bending effect with a piece of gum and a selected card. The spectator is actually convinced that you traveled back in time to perform an impossible torn corner in gum pack effect. An incredible presentation with a devious handling!

The VISUAL Appearance:
An amazing piece of EYE CANDY to add to your already impossible effect! A wave of the hand, or a snap of the fingers, etc will cause the bill to VISIBLY APPEAR inside the sealed pack of gum.

Live Performances, interview segments with Richard Sanders, Spidey and Deven Ye, tips, psychology, extra handlings and more!


"Ultra Gum is the best and most practical object to impossible location effect! I perform it every gig."
Steven Bridges

"Look at the title. Simple routines are given to do with a borrowed bill. It works perfectly and everything can be examined by the spectator before and after the gum and corner is popped out of the pack. You can give the pack to the spectator and let him open it himself. Total impossibility! I'm a new fan Sanders!"
Crepmaster from Canada

"This is awesome. Very clever. When getting started get three to four packs of gum at least. Go to a Walmart and get a value pack. The initial set up may take a few minutes and if you make a mistake you will want to be prepared. Once you have it done, you will be set up to slay your audience. The surprising amount of ideas that come with this DVD is crazy. An impossible transposition that looks flawless. It looks like instant magic. Worth every penny. Sanders demonstrations are clearly visible,simple and so very strong. Exactly what magic should be. The visual vanish is a what the gimmicks are included for and that is what they describe as "never" needs replacing. As far as "nothing" needs replaced. It is true for the gimmick. However, If someone opens your gum and you want to perform it again you will obviously need to purchase another pack of gum. There is an alternative offering on the DVD that shows you a version you could perform with a pack of gum with several pieces missing. A "sloppy" version. I like the unopened version. It is clean, sleek and amazing. Foil is NEVER tampered with and the corner is actually INSIDE. I give it a nine out of 10 simply because the visual reveal gimmick is something you need to make. There is a good reason for this, it allows you the flexibility to use different types of gum depending on availability in your are it still may be awkward for some people to get it just right. Another bonus...if you ever arrive in a town for a show and you have no props, you can stop at any store get a few items, invest a little time and have an insanely awesome reveal for little to nothing. The reward on investment is a no brainer. Get this"
John from Illinois

"SO Spectacular! This is probably the best trick I've gotten from Penguin. What a simple and elegant idea! This trick blows people's minds and it's relatively easy to do. With minimal slight of hand, and a reset that is not overbearing, I perform this all the time with the biggest reactions I've had so far in my short magic career. I don't know why I didn't think of this myself!!"
Greg from USA