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Penetration Impossible!

A selected card impossibly links onto the chain around your neck and it's completely examinable!

A playing card is selected, shuffled into the deck and then...the impossible happens! The performer points out the dog tag chain hanging around his neck. The chain is completely solid and ungimmicked. Holding the deck in his hand, he waves it over the hanging chain, suddenly the selected card jumps out from the deck and impales itself onto the chain.

There are no breaks in the chain and no slits or tears in the card. The selected card visibly impales itself onto the chain, leaving it in an impossibly linked condition. Everything is completely examinable! You can even give it away as a souvenir

Easy to do
Use any Deck
Use any Dog Tag Chain
Everything is fully examinable
Angle-Proof Penetration
The perfect closer to any card routine

36" Dog Tag Chain Special Gimmick
Full training DVD that will guide you through every step of this effect, including method, performance, variations, handling tips and all the subtleties that make this effect so devastating.


"Great effect, and also best for the magician who like to be totally clean at end and give away everything for inspection."

"This is soooooo coooool... a keeper! Fried the boys at Dean Dill's Shoppe with it today!"
Pete Biro

"This trick is fantastic! And so easy to do. Can't wait to start using this at gigs!"
Cameron Francis

"This is another Winner! I tried it out today, performing for about 3 - 4 times for laymen and the effect really stunned them!" I am having a lot of fun practicing it in front of the mirrors too. Highly recommended!!!"
ReDeFine, Magic Cafe

"I just received mine in the mail and I'm from Singapore. Woohoo! Just want to say that this is really cool and practical. Worth every penny!"
Mabas, Magic Cafe

"This isn't your normal "pick a card trick" and you find the card. The card ends up on the key chain which is really miraculous because of the visual aspect this effect provides. It's practical and can be done surrounded and literally can be done anywhere. I perform this at the mall and I carry the light weight gimmick with me every where I go!!"
Anonymous from Washington USA

"I can't say enough about this effect I've got some absolutely amazing reactions with this effect and the gimmick is pretty easy to make and you'll be performing this in no time at all. So what are you waiting for???? ADD TO CART NOW!!!!!!!"
M. Jones

"Wow!!! that is all i can say. It is one of the strongest affects ever. What you see is what you get. Sanders did really good with this one. The DVD is fantastic and the technique is gone through thoroughly. You really can not go wrong with this trick, all I can say GET THIS TRICK NOW"
T. Fleming