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Watch your Sharpie logo MORPH into their selected card...twice!

Includes: 2 custom Sharpie Makers and full video instructions.

With 2 cards selected, show your Sharpie marker clearly on both sides. With a shake, the logo on your Sharpie marker visibly transforms into their selected card. Give it another shake and the second selection appears on the very same marker. Leaving you with a magically altered Sharpie Marker, that is completely examinable.

As magicians, we all carry a Sharpie Marker, but other than using it to sign cards, it does nothing. Now you can turn that wasted space into a powerful new effect. Remarkable is an effect that is always on you because IT IS PART OF YOUR SHARPIE MARKER.


Custom Sharpie marker 2 killer routines
Live performances
Custom Sharpies supplied
Full Video Training
Reveal 1 or 2 cards
Instant reset
Fully examinable

Here's what people are saying about Remarkable:

"Remarkable is so easy to do and it's so powerful!. I was amazed at how big the reactions were to such a small change on a marker! I'm never going to leave home without it now."
J. Redick

"i just want to shoot you guys this email saying what an amazing trick remarkable is!! Clever trick and easy handling. I've watched the DVD, fooled around with the markers for about 15 minutes and already i feel comfortable to show the trick. I WILL be purchasing more tricks from Sanders Fx!!!"
R. Stone