Any Card (subscriber special)

Any Card (subscriber special)

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Say Goodbye to your Invisible Deck!

Hand a deck of cards to someone and ask them to think of Any Card (no force).  You explain that you previously turned over the 4 aces in the deck because you're sure they're thinking of an Ace.
They say no, they're thinking of the 3 of Hearts!

You explain that there's another reason you turned over the Aces, they're marked. You slowly turn over the Aces revealing a word printed on each card...
The Three Of Hearts!

Their freely thought-of card is printed on the back of the Aces!

Works with ANY CARD (No Force)
Self working
Fast reset
Angle Poof
Customizable for other languages

Diabolical, custom designed deck
Full video instructions
3 powerful presentations
Bonus ideas and tips

This is a miracle, made for real-world performing!