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Possibly the strongest signed card effect...ever!

Walk up someone you've never met and have a card chosen, marked and shuffled into the deck. Next, you draw a series of random marks on the back of any indifferent card. Those marks VISIBLY JUMP from card to card, finally VANISHING COMPLETELY. The deck is slowly spread to reveal the marks on the back of one card...the spectator's signed selection.

One last incredible kicker... you offer the card to the spectator as a souvenir. In order to personalize shake the card...and get ready for this...THE MARKS ON THE BACK OF THE CARD VISUALLY REFORM INTO THE SPECTATOR'S VERY OWN NAME!
With NO SWITCH... the card is immediately handed to the spectator to keep. It is completely examinable!

Key Points:
No previous knowledge of the spectator is necessary
Perform for anyone
Instantly reset
Completely examinable
The ultimate give away
Bonus material, sleights and handlings included

Here's what people are saying about Identity:

"Identity goes for the jugular when it comes to magic. The routine has many visual magical moments. Lots of audience participation and it uses the most powerful magic word in the universe...the spectators name. I recommend this highly!"
Rich Hurley

“This routine is FANTASTIC. I put it into my restaurant act and the reactions were INCREDIBLE! I had people swearing at me ... walking away from the table ... and having their mouths drop open!"
J. Christopher

"KILLER!!!! I only have half of my deck now. The reactions of the spectators are amazing I was thinking maybe hypnosis to know the spectators name but it's so simple I got my EXTREMELY skeptical friend with this"
P. Bondet

"Identity is fantastic! Really clear thinking, super natural handling and an ending that really pops! I"LL BE USING THIS!"
Bro Gilbert

"NOW THIS IS A MUST BUY! ADD TO CART. RIGHT NOW. NUFF SAID! I'll be honest with you. When I first heard about Identity I was a little skeptical. Sure the effect looks good, but is it really as good as it looks? I waited to see other reviews, and many them confirmed my suspicions: that it really isn't as good as it looks. For some reason, I went ahead and got it anyway, and I got to tell you, I WAS WRONG! This effect is AWESOME! In a matter of days after I received this effect it became part of my Absolute Arsenal: a set of the best effects I own and perform with all the time. This trick kills, and it's a real reputation-maker! In fact, this may well be one of the most requested tricks in my weekly restaurant gigs. It's that cool! It will take some work to make it look like the video, but it isn't terribly hard to do. In fact, even if you don't end in the "advanced" way that Richard Sanders does, the effect is still killer! You, and most importantly, your audiences, will love this effect. This is a must-buy!"
B_Magic from Colorado

"This is the kind of high quality effect that we have come to expect from Richard Sanders. The instruction is impeccable. Every nuance, sleight, and psychological subtlety is covered in detail. I have performed the effect for both children and adults at a wide range of venues (restaurants, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, etc), and it is something that spectators young and old will remember you for. Instead of giving everyone a business card, some leave with a memorable and meaningful souvenir that they will show their friends. By the end of the night, if the parents don't know who you are, then you are doing something wrong."
Evan P. from New York

"This is the most powerful effects in my routine! If you are committed to making this a good effect, and practice hard, this will blow people away.Richard Sanders teaches this effect and every sleight and subtlety in great detail. To get everything that this effect has to offer, I would suggest watching the whole DVD including the in-depth workshops for all the more difficult moves to master. Sanders has some great ideas for the handling of classic sleights. He teaches them so that they can be applied to the effect."
J. Bronco

"i don't know what in the **** some people are talking about with this being misleading, it is the greatest trick in my arsenal! pros: you can preform it nearly surrounded you don't haft to stalk them around to get their name you can do it impromptu the spectators will never figure it out (i have done this at least 130 times and never once did i get caught.) the trick is absolutely ingenious, and it uses old and all ready taught slights, making it 40 times easier. all in all, this trick is a MUST BUY!"
W. Hirsch from TX