Fiber Optics Extended

Fiber Optics Extended

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Hyper-visual rope magic that blows minds!

You are purchasing access to a comprehensive online course that is available to stream online 24 hours a day.

Over 2.5 hours of jam packed, hyper visual rope magic that is considered by most magicians to be the best work on the subject!

Prepare to have your spectator's eyes pop with this masterclass on modern, visual rope magic!

As performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, The Magic Circle in London and FISM in Den Hagg.

On this 2 hour, power packed project, you will learn 32 eye flipping, mind crunching, hyper visual rope moves that will literally stun your audience! Nowhere else will you find this much mind crunching visual magic, without the aid of gimmicks, magnets or special props.
All 7 routines featured in this project are immediately repeatable with no reset, there is nothing to get ready, nothing to prepare and nothing to hide; just pure adrenaline magic right out of your pockets!
As performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, The Magic Circle in London and FISM in Den Hagg.


Super Practical:
Instantly reset for multiple performances
No scissors ever needed
Use the same rope over and over
Over 5 minutes of visual magic in your pocket
Stage or Close-up
3 Rope and 1 Rope routine include


NEVER BEFORE SEEN bonus footage
10 amazing new phases
5 amazing new routines
PLUS HYPER RING, the visually impossible ring and rope routine

Featured moves:
Throw Restoration, The Ends Switch, Finger Cut, Super Slide, Gravity Pull, Endless Loop, Pop Endz, Static Cling, Clip Link, Gravity Link, Toss Link, Lickety-Split Ends Switch, Midair Morph, Ends Away, Loop Swoop, Air Toss, Opposite Ends, Middle Melt, PLUS much more!

  • 2.5 hour online course
  • 7 killer routines and ideas
  • 32 hyper visual moves
  • Multi-Angle instruction
  • and so much more!

Here's What the Pros are saying:

"This is BY FAR the smoothest and most visual rope routine ever developed!"
- Daniel Garcia

"Fiber Optics Extended is a fresh new look at a proven classic with many moments of astonishment! Highly recommended!"
- Jeff McBride

"Fiber Optics Extended has the best transitions and set ups I've ever seen. Take full advantage while he's letting you in on the fun. I didn't want to learn another rope routine...make him stop!" 
- Bob Sheets

"I am a huge fan of Sandsational Rope...but Fiber Optics Extended expands it to a grand level. I love Richard Sanders!"
- Doc Eason

"I give it 5 VERY COOLS!" Fiber Optics Extended is devious beyond belief!"
- Bruce Bernstein



    • "This is one of the best DVD's I've purchased in a long while. It's was a breath of fresh air. I LOVED IT!!! Highly recommended!"
      Caleb, USA
    • " Monumental DVD on the subject! It has been three years since I have started a career as a magician. This effect has gone with me in the past two years and man, It is THE effect I perform the most. I do it close up, stand up, for kids, teens, adults, elderly people and even mirrors! (We do need to practice after all... And I just love watching some of the slick moves myself to see what my audience sees!) I highly recommend this DVD if you care to spend the energy (many hours of practice and hundreds of hours of performance) to master this great effect which goes beyond the professor's nightmare. I have seen Tabary, David Stone's work, they are both great and I do include several of their thinkings in my work. But this is THE dvd that gave me all the tools I needed to really go out there and do it. With all that there is on this DVD, you have enough effects to JAZZ with the ropes. The variety of the routines you can perform with the ropes can vary in time-span, just as the ropes do! That's the magic of this DVD project : it explains in great detail, with humor and kindheartedness. Three great traits of this great performer, teacher and thinker of magic : Richard Sanders Get this now!"
      B Vatcher
    • "Best rope routine I have ever seen! I wanted to learn some rope routines and boy did I pick the right dvd. The routines on this dvd really are jaw dropping. Richard really cares about teaching you the routines and you can tell. He goes over some of the moves 5-6 times with different angles to make sure you understand what is happening. If your new to rope magic this is a great dvd to get beacause a lot of the moves are easy. If you are a pro at rope magic this is a great dvd to get because so many of the moves are modular and could fit into rope routines you already do. This dvd is an investment....add to cart now!"
      R. Cook from California
    • "This is Fabulous! I didn't really care for rope magic until I watched this DVD. I had heard so much about it on the forums that I just had to check it out! I was not surprised at how good it is, nor should have I been. Richard puts out top-notch magic...always! The rope routines are super-crazy visual! There are enough moves on here to construct a short-medium-long routine of your own. As with all good magic, it will take practice but it'll be worth it."
      J. B. Kendrick
    • "Packs Small, Plays HUGE!!!! WARNING:( What you are about to read AIN'T hyperbole by no means!) WOW!!! Is the reaction I get each and every time I perform this gem. I've performed it on the street, in clubs, all my paid gigs. It never fails to astound. I will never perform the professor's nightmare again! Richards teaching on this is unbelievably thorough. With special attention to performance and nuances of presentation. Plus this dvd has more moves than ex-lax. With such a vast resource of moves you're able to pick and choose the ones that compliment your style and personality. Hypering!!... is da rope? This is more than just another rope effect! This is an exciting magical journey for us to share with our audience!.... Buy...and see the reactions for yourself."
      E Saunders Jr.
    • "This is Perfect Rope Routine! This is amazing. It is perfect for walk around, resets instantly and provides you with a solid routine full of magic. The 3 rope routine doesn't offer much over the 1 rope routine, so that is the one that I prefer. I also like ring and rope routines, so the added ability to turn the 1 rope routine into a ring and rope routine is cool. The routine is sectional so you can drop or add phases as you see fit with no problem. That is kind of nice because the routine Richard Sanders shows has repetitive points. All in all though this is solid magic that is easy to perform."
      C.Skaggs from Kennewick, WA

    "I'm new to rope magic and recently just performed the Fiber Optics routine before an adult audience. Boy, what an experience! I've never thought the act would have that much impact on the audience. Their jaws dropped!"
    - Ony Carcamo, PHILIPPINES