Any Ring

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Borrow any ring, from a thin engagement band to a thick, signet ring.
The ring is placed under a handkerchief.
The spectator holds their own ring through the hank.
They feel their ring in the hank until the last second when you whisk the handkerchief away and THEIR RING IS GONE!
The ring can appear anywhere you wish.

“Finally...a Ring Vanishing Handkerchief for the working pro!”

  • "This is perfect together with Interlace by Richard Sanders.
    Well made, perfect vanish!!!"
    J Keller
  • "Perfect Companion for Interlace, and an amazing ring vanishing device on its own. Its pretty much self working, and allows a lot of extra misdirection/time for the interlace method. Its overall very simple but couldn't be made any more suitable for a ring vanish! Pick this up if your interested in this sort of effect"
    D. Worsley