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The Miracle Card Change

Take Eddie Fechter's monumental effect: "Be honest, what is It?"

but say goodbye to THE TOP CHANGE and THE DECK!

Jaws will drop when 4 jokers change to 4 aces in the spectator's own hands!
This looks and feels LIKE REAL MAGIC

This is a dream effect for the working pro as there is nothing to prepare and minimal sleights. Just throw the cards in a wallet and away you go. Ace is instantly reset and always ready to go.

The change system is a real world, practical 4 card change that even fools magicians. Richard Sanders has worked on this effect for well over 5 years and his powerful thinking is very well reflected on this project.

Featuring multiple handlings and ideas with your cards, including: The Basic Effect, Mastrianni/Sanders Variation, Multi Change, Poker Power, 3 Hands and more!

PLUS, variations, get ready technique, Instant reset, Psychology, pro tips, live performances and more!

OVER 70 minutes of magic PLUS CARDS and GIMMICK!

Here's what people are saying about Ace:

"The handling instruction on this dvd is superb. Richard goes into every detail, uncovering every stone to be sure you get it right. This is probably the most thorough instruction I have ever seen on a dvd, and the effect is totally mind blowing. This is card magic at its very best. The value of what is taught here is worth every penny of the cost of this dvd. If you're on the fence about purchasing this classy 4 Ace change, then get off and get this now. Oh, and, please keep this one to ourselves...this is a true stunner."
Tommy from Bakersfield, California

"KILLER Card Magic!I have Richard Sanders Super Cards and trick TEN, so I'm qualified to review this new DVD. ACE is a full blown course in how to handle these gaffs and perform the tricks. This is for beginners and seasoned performers. ?This is a steal at $19.99!"
Zombie Magic (Magic Cafe)

"I absolutely abhor card tricks. I loathe them. I believe card tricks to be the most prehistoric form of magic, but I LOOOOOOOVE Ace! Richard Sanders is awesome, his explanations are great, and if you're like me and not big on cards, this is definitely the exception. Kudos Mr. Sanders, job well done as usual."
Jerry Burgos

"Buy this right now!I have been a full time professional magician for the past 14 years. professional meaning, that's how I earn my income, not that I'm any good ;) It seems like every 10-15 tricks I buy, I find one that I will actually use. This is one I will use often. Similar to NFW, 4 jokers turn into aces. NFW has the cards magically turning over, one by one until you flip over all 4 cards to show they have now turned into aces. One of my favorite tricks before I bought this one. This effect can be performed in the spectators hands, which makes it so strong. I have received the best reactions using this effect and I highly recommend it.  The reactions of this effect remind me of a joke. How do you get an elephant into a shoe box You spell way  (W - A - Y) Now, spell it again and take the "F" out. Some of you won't get this, so I will just say that there is no "F" in way."
B. Cagle

“I CHALLENGE YOU to perform ACE and not get BEGGED to perform more magic. It's THAT strong.Imagine a dog chasing its tail. That's what spectators brains do after experiencing ACE. There's just no way -- THEY WERE HOLDING THOSE CARDS.And the fact that you DON'T use a full deck of cards in this trick makes ALL the difference. FOUR cards ALL change to ACES. This means THERE'S NOWHERE TO HIDE. PROFESSIONALS: If you need to jump-start a dead crowd, this is the trick for you. The magic moment hits HARD and FAST. It's unexpected and LAUNCHES you into the spotlight. It's Richard Sanders, which means you know it's got YEARS of real-world experience built in. You'll love ACE."
Acar Altinsel, Penguin Magic