Extreme Burn Accessories

Extreme Burn Accessories

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Extra Stuff for your Extreme Burn!

1) The Locked and Loaded Upgrade Package

Locked and Loaded Upgrade package includes:
- Locked and Loaded gimmick set
- DVD featuring EB2 and Locked and Loaded "upgrade footage ONLY".

NOTE: You must already own Extreme Burn or Extreme Burn 2.0 in order to understand and use this package.
This is upgrade footage only for Extreme Burn and Extreme Burn 2.0 owners.

2) Locked and Loaded gimmick sets

NOTE: These gimmicks are for use with Extreme Burn Locked and Loaded only.
This set includes GIMMICKS ONLY, there are no instruction included.
1 set of gimmicks will allow you to set up 1 set of bills with the Locked and Loaded system.

3) Extreme Burn (non-locking) gimmicks

NOTE: These are gimmicks for the original Extreme Burn and Extreme Burn  2.0. These gimmicks are NOT NOT FOR THE LOCKED AND LOADED VERSION.
This is for magicians who prefer to use the non locking system)

This set includes 5 extra thin gimmicks for use with Extreme Burn or Extreme Burn 2.0.