Interlace + Any Ring

Interlace + Any Ring

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Interlace and Any Ring is the ultimate combo!
With ANY RING you can borrow any ring and have it appear tied to your shoelace - with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND!

(the borrowed ring to shoelace miracle):
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Any Ring
(Vanish any ring, any size, anytime):
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Interlace + Any Ring is the ultimate combination!
Borrow a ring and place it under a black silk (ANY RING) which the spectator holds onto. They feel their own ring inside. Suddenly you whisk away the silk and their ring is gone. They look down and their ring is now IMPOSSIBLY HANGING FROM THE LOOP OF YOUR SHOELACE! This is the ultimate walk around miracle. You slowly untie your shoelace and they can pull their own ring off. Oh and here's the best part. You are now reset to do this again!

Borrow a ring, have it vanish, when the spectator looks down they see THEIR RING HANGING FORM YOUR SHOELACE! This is a show-stopper! Here's the best part, it instantly resets and there is nothing that can break down. Interlace comes with everything you need to perform this reputation building miracle.

Their borrowed ring appears...tied to your shoelace!

Borrow any ring, from any spectator, wave a lighter under it and it's gone! The spectator looks down at your shoe and now, hanging from the loop of your shoelace is their borrowed ring!

The ring is untied and slowly pulled off of the lace and given back to the spectator! No is their borrowed ring!

- Use any Borrowed ring
- No reel
- Instant reset
- Instantly repeatable
- Angle proof
- A worker's dream

Everything you need to blow minds!
- Custom props,
- 2 hour video training,
- 10 powerful handlings
- and so much more.

Flash Finish: A flash paper handling that will really fool you visually and psychologically!

Wiped Clean: a handkerchief handling where the ring literally vanishes as you wipe it with a handkerchief (BTW, I love Larry Davidson's idea of placing the ring under a handkerchief that is also used to polish your shoes...brilliant!!!)

Visual Voodoo: A no prop handling where you use nothing but their ring. After a series of amazing vanishes and reappearances (included on the DVD), you finish with the ring appearing on your shoelace.

Ring and String: This is an absolute killer way to end a ring and string routine!
Imagine an amazing ring and shoelace routine (included on the DVD) that ends where the ring supposedly penetrates back onto the shoelace in the spectator's hand. The spectator sees that the ring is not there, you pause and say, very slowly, "NOT THAT SHOELACE." You look down at your shoe and this is when you start to hear the SCREAMS and the "NO #&%$@ WAYs" because their ring is actually on the shoelace on your shoe! It doesn't get much stronger than this.
And more.


    • "Interlace is brilliant and its simplicity is fantastic! Richard gives you his years of experience and creativity on a silver platter here. He walks you step-by-step through set up, performance, and gives you some great routines, tips, and even troubleshooting. One of the best things about Interlace is that it has an instant reset. This is without a doubt an absolutely incredible effect!"
      James L. Clark

    • "My jaw dropped when Richard first did the Interlace for me.. the method is ingenious!"
      Doc Eason

    • "The Interlace effect is deeply impossible! This is a Holy S**t trick...audiences are left with a striking image they will remember for the rest of their lives!"
      David Regal

    • "Amazing effect! I absolutely LOVE this effect! I think it is incredibly strong and has incredible commercial appeal. I gave this effect 4 stars simply because it does require a great deal of setup before you can even start practicing the effect, but it is a small price to pay for this great effect!"
      Virgil Anderson

    • "Hightly recommended! This effect is really strong! Yet easy to perform. You do not need to go near your shoes to reveal the effect. Just pull up the pants so that your lace can be seen and the ring will be nicely wrapped around your lace. It can be done with a borrowed ring. Skill wise, there are no complicated sleights - just very simple handling is required. Excellent close up magic effect."
      Joel Tay

    • "One of the greatest! Please buy this product if you wish to perform real magic to the spectators, do not pay attention to the price, whether you have the money or not, this is an absolute miracle, that, when presented correctly, is the most practical stunner possible. This is never anticipated by spectators, and therefore they think nothing of the moves you do. I use this with Richard Sanders Any Ring silk, and allow the spectator to hold their ring through the entire routine before revealing it on my shoelace. Once the gimmick is installed, you can use it infinite times, with an almost instant reset. This can be done in almost any situation possible, Stage, Parlor, Stand up, Table hopping, close up, street, anywhere you can stand up. The initial setup is not too lengthy, and once it is done, the gimmick can in seconds be put into any shoe with a shoelace, whether it be white or black laces. I advise you, if you wish to perform great magic for your spectators, buy this. I must Credit Rich with creating what is, in my opinion, the greatest, most impossible, magical, and practical ring flight routine possible. Please purchase this item to improve the art of magic in the minds of the spectators."
      Brett Flikkema from Grand Rapids, MI

      This trick is a killer, and please don't worry about the vanish!!!! I read in the reviews, that people had problems with the vanish of the ring: PLEASE BUY ANY RING BY RICHARD SANDERS, this will eliminate all problems, you will have plenty of time to set up the ring and after that, the ring will be on your shoelace, but at the same time, they think they're holding it in their own hands!!! Very strong and easy trick in combination with any ring!!! Do first a ring to ring box and afterwards ring to shoelace!!!!
      Jannis Keller, Switzerland

      This effect is so good it should be on tv. A borrowed ring vanishes and appears on your shoe! Cool right? It really happens and the method behind it is pretty insane. Richard Sanders is a great teacher of magic and you learn various methods for the vanish and he goes over the whole setup with you in detail. This is a winner and for the money it is priceless for something that you can perform at professional shows. 2 thumbs up!
      Vincent Abella