Real Man's Speed Loader Package: Very Limited Supply!

Real Man's Speed Loader Package: Very Limited Supply!

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You Get:

Real Man's Speed loader Wallet + Powerball 60 + Ace

This has been my personal GO TO WALLET for years now!
It is sold out everywhere. This is the last remaining stock on the planet!

This is the easiest and most practical "card to wallet" on the market. The signed card appears, impossibly, inside a button snap compartment, under a plastic see-through window. The spectator can pull the card out themselves. And here's the best part, the second you close the snap compartment, you are INSTANTLY RESET. In addition, the wallet also doubles as a PEEK DEVICE for impromptu mind reading routines. If that isn't enough, the wallet also holds my bills for Extreme Burn as well as my Powerball 60 tickets. This is a complete show in itself.

The Real Man's Speed Loader by Anthony Miller has been sold out for months. (I purchased these for an effect that never came to be, so I'm making them available to you for a Black Friday surprise.) Please keep in mind, I have a very limited supply available as this is not an item that I stock normally.


- Powerball 60 (this is the perfect organic item to keep in your wallet for powerful mind reading anywhere you are. Combine this with the wallet peek and you can start a religion :)

- Ace: The perfect stunner packet trick to carry in your wallet for an extra powerful punch anytime. 4 jokers change to 4 aces in their own hands.

- My personal, complete video instructions, including:
Easy Palm technique
Real world loading techniques
The instant Reset
Peek techniques for business cards, playing cards and more.
Plus routines for cards, business cards and more.

This is a steal of a deal for the best card to wallet in magic (and it is not available anywhere except here) Plus Powerball 60, Ace and my personal comprehensive video instructions.

Once these are gone this deal will never appear again.
Grab one while you can!